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You will need one of these dlls files (dlls32 for 32 bits version, dlls64 for the 64 bits version) :
File Last modified Size
dlls32-0.96.7z2023/9/264.0 Mb
dlls64-0.96.7z2023/9/263.9 Mb

Available files for version 0.96.7
32 bits : pure asm version, or 64 bits : pure C/C++, make your choice
Windows 32 bits binary (2.7 Mb)
Windows 64 bits binary (2.7 Mb)

Source archives on github
Old neoraine, look there
And there was an osx build when osx was great, now it's discontinued !

From now on you can find the data files history.dat, hiscore.dat and command.dat in the Extras section.

For linux, here are the files for Arch. If using another distrib you can try the package which is a tar.xz file, run it from a terminal and install all the shared libs it won't find when running it. If you don't know how to do that, just forget it then !
The PKGBUILD file allows to build it using makepkg, just place it in an empty directory, type makepkg -si, and voila, you should get an installed binary package in the end. Since version 0.92, both packages are built with standard libs only, sdl-sound was merged in the source of raine. Or you can download the tar.xz file and install it using pacman -U. The packages are not signed, so you might want to set siglevel in pacman.conf to optional. And the 32 bits package requires multilib to be enabled in pacman.conf of course !
For the 32 bits binary full of asm (default) :
File Last modified Size
PKGBUILD2024/1/241 Kb
raine-0.96.7-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz2024/1/242.9 Mb
64 bits, C/C++ only :
File Last modified Size
PKGBUILD2024/1/241 Kb
raine64-0.96.7-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz2024/1/243.1 Mb

AppImage Files

These files are for those with a distribution which can't run the binary directly on this page, who have no package built for them, and who don't know how to compile the source !
These appimage files include all the dependencies, so they should run anywhere. How to use : download, make it executable, execute, that's all.

Raine 0.95.5 64 bits with a glibc-2.29 from ubuntu bionic !
Raine 0.95.5 32 bits, notice you'll need some basic i386 libs installed, for debian system it's probably at least dpkg --add-architecture i386 followed by the installation of the required libs. Launch from a terminal to get the messages about which libs are missing.

These files are quite big compared to the usual binaries, but at least appimage are very easy to build. I am not sure I'll build that regularly, it's just a test to see if some people find it useful for now...

You can compile from sources too, to always get a new binary from git. The instructions have been updated in April 2023 !

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