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ips files dat

These are just some ips dat files that I built to handle the ips files from romhacking, there : romhacking ips file for arcade. The archive contains everything needed including the patches, the pictures and the dat files for donkey kong, bubble bobble ultra, and strider. Everything inside a single archive because it's still small, less than 1 Mb. Extract this in your ips directory (~/.raine/ips in linux).
File Last modified Size
ips.7z2023/5/26362 Kb

Data files

File Last modified Size
hiscore-211.7z2020/3/2570 Kb
history-raine-2.40.7z2022/2/2440 Kb
history-raine-2.50.7z2022/12/30443 Kb
blend_201501.7z2015/1/487 Kb
command.7z2014/11/19273 Kb
command_longhand_TRAD_ESP_BASICA_V001.7z2014/12/2272 Kb

bld files
These files contain transparency information for cps1, cps2 and neogeo games, and go to a blend directory inside the raine directory. Here is the version of january 2015.

You can find the file on this site. Just place the history.dat in the raine folder ((?! icon and then "Game info" after loading a game). There is a pre-processed version here for raine, with the few names incompatible with mame fixed so that it finds everything, and the ton of useless stuff removed which makes it much smaller : history-raine-2.50.7z
There is a local archive here, I probably edited a few things in it, but forgot what, it's minor anyway : hiscore-211.7z
Didn't test the site for the unofficial site for a very long time, if you are curious, it's here : http://www.mameworld.info/highscore/.

Same thing here, place this in the raine directory, it will be recognized by the games using it and you'll see a "show command.dat info" appearing in the main menu. Here it is.
And here is a spanish translation : command_longhand_TRAD_ESP_BASICA_V001.7z.

EmuDx files

You can place these files either in the raine main directory or in the emudx sub folder. They provide better graphics/sounds for the emulation...

File Last modified Size
dkongg.dx22005/9/172.4 Mb
froggerg.dx22007/2/81.0 Mb
galdxg.dx22007/2/81.2 Mb
mspacmang.dx22005/9/171.4 Mb
pacmang.dx22005/9/172.0 Mb

notice : pacmanm.dx2 and mspacmanm.dx2 are not used for now...

Sound :
File Last modified Size
dkongm.dx22007/1/235.3 Mb
froggerm.dx22007/1/175.1 Mb
galdxm.dx22007/2/71.3 Mb
mspacmanm.dx22008/5/14688 Kb
pacmanm.dx22008/5/14318 Kb
Old sound files for versions < 0.50.0 :
File Last modified Size
dkongm.dx2005/9/176.6 Mb
froggerm.dx2005/9/176.0 Mb

Artwork files

These files go into the artwork directory. They are pictures mainly to fill the ugly black borders in vertical games...
These are ancient files now, they work only with normal blits or yuv overlays, not with the opengl driver yet. Notice that the same bezel will work for all the clones. For example, the file 1941.zip below will work for the 3 versions of the game (US, World and Japan).
File Last modified Size
1941 - Counter Attack (World) 2005/9/17171 Kb
19XX: The War Against Destiny (US 951207)2005/9/17256 Kb
Arbalester 2005/9/17104 Kb
Arkanoid 2005/9/17246 Kb
Arkanoid 2 Revenge of Doh 2005/9/17182 Kb
Armed Police Batrider (B) 2005/9/17221 Kb
Bomb Jack Twin 2005/9/17100 Kb
block.zip2005/9/17185 Kb
Darius 2 2005/9/17376 Kb
Dodonpachi (International) 2005/9/17240 Kb
Dangun Feveron 2005/9/17208 Kb
Donkey Kong 2005/9/17392 Kb
Dogyuun 2005/9/17163 Kb
DonPachi (USA) v1.12 2005/9/1781 Kb
DownTown 2005/9/17219 Kb
Drift Out 2005/9/17202 Kb
Extermination 2005/9/17272 Kb
Fire Shark 2005/9/17144 Kb
Frogger 2005/9/17250 Kb
Ghouls'n Ghosts (US) 2005/9/17386 Kb
Gunbird 2005/9/17326 Kb
Majestic Twelve 2005/9/17273 Kb
Mat Mania 2005/9/17247 Kb
Mercs (World) 2005/9/17178 Kb
Marvel Super Heroes (Euro 951024)2005/9/17981 Kb
Ms. Pac-Man 2005/9/17248 Kb
Magic Sword - Heroic Fantasy (World 900725)2005/9/17927 Kb
Ninja Warriors 2005/9/17105 Kb
Outzone 2005/9/17270 Kb
Pac-Man (Midway) 2005/9/17284 Kb
Pac-Man Plus 2005/9/17230 Kb
Pengo 2005/9/17179 Kb
PuckMan (Japan set 1) 2005/9/17496 Kb
Strikers 1945 (World) 2005/9/17287 Kb
SF2' - Champion Edition (World)2005/9/17758 Kb
Saturday Night Slam Masters (World)2005/9/17226 Kb
Super Space Invaders 91 2005/9/1765 Kb
Superman 2005/9/17499 Kb
Thunder Dragon 2005/9/17182 Kb
Terra Cresta 2005/9/17270 Kb
Thunder & Lightning 2005/9/17202 Kb
Tecmo Knight 2005/9/17274 Kb
Thundercade / Twin Formation 2005/9/17256 Kb
Varth - Operation Thunderstorm (World)2005/9/17106 Kb
Vimana (alternate) 2005/9/17158 Kb
Warrior Blade 2005/9/17256 Kb
X-Men: Children of the Atom (Euro 950105)2005/9/17836 Kb


Since almost all the roms used by raine are copyrighted, there are no roms on this site. There is 1 free rom, f2demo, which does absolutely nothing interesting except displaying a picture, and allowing you to move around it.
At least it's here so that you can test that everything is working correctly !
Kingdom grand prix original rom from Neill Corlett. This rom was available from his site a while ago, and he removed it for some reason. So here it is again. It's just a graphical fix for the international version of "Shippu Mahou Daisakusen", you still need the japenese rom to make the game to work, this one only contains the graphics.

f3demo is another free rom, maybe more interesting than f2demo because even if it does not do very much neither, it's more in the demo scene spirit, and it was made by Antiriad. Currently you get a warning message when you load it with raine version 0.43.0, just ignore it. We will fix that in the next release...

Additional support files for versions>= 0.50.0

Savegame converter : to convert savegames from before 0.50.0 to the new savegame format. This is a windows executable, for linux you'll have to build the converter from sources ("make converter" from the raine sources directory).
Screenshots grabber : (updated 2013/10). Grab most of the possible game screenshots from the internet, and installs them in the screens directory to be used with the new gui. This is a perl script, so you'll need perl (which is standard in mingw32, cygwin, and any linux distribution). Then unzip this to the raine directory (or in linux to your personnal raine directory : ~/.raine), and just run the command "perl shots.pl" in this directory. I have included wget.exe for windows users, linux users should install it if they don't already have this (it's in all the linux distributions anyway, just apt-get install wget). This will take screenshots not already present in the screens directory from mamest, and then from rainemu if it fails.

Additional support files for versions < 0.50.0

Big font for the gui (I don't like it !)
Japenese font for the gui. Notice : the japenese support is probably mostly broken since it's not actively maintained since version 0.28 !
Another japenese font

For the dos version, you might find these usefull :
cwsdpmi, usefull to enter protected mode for pure dos mode if you don't run from windows (this is a link to their home page)
Scitech Display doctor 6.52 for win9x (and dos)
Scitech Display doctor 6.52 for DOS only
Allegro 4.2.2, patched for a better dos support : it's really a pity that I am obliged to host that here, but since allegro seems to enjoy to break things which worked in its developpement versions and then delete the developpement versions from their site, it's better to keep a patched version here. The patches are only for the djgpp versions, but this one should work with any os anyway.

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