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The old docs were so outdated that I decided not to put them online again...
Maybe one day I'll install a wiki to try to make some docs which can be upgraded by everyone, but for now I really don't feel like writing docs, especially from scratch.
Since it's a good idea to have docs on the web site anyway, here are a few helpfull links on the internet about raine :) :

English links : wikipedia !
And since I couldn't find any other english page documenting raine, here is a page about arcade emulator which tells about raine : Emulating arcade games

Jeux video aracade sur linux
Arcade hits
Nemo prod (very short page)

Why are there many more french links about raine ???
Ok so here is a link to the ascii version of the docs for version 0.36. It's EXTREMELY outdated, but you might eventually find some usefull stuff in it anyway : ASCII doc for version 0.36 of raine.