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Neoraine has been merged with raine, this page is just here for the old versions, and for information.
Try to read this page first before asking silly questions, especially the "Requirements" part. Then you can download the thing and have fun :

NeoRaine 1.4.3, opengl version !
neoraine 1.4.3, win32 binary

Final 1.3.version : Neoraine 1.3.5-2 win32 binary

Final 1.2 version : 1.2.13, .
neoraine 1.2.13, win32 binary

The mac os x version has a separate page there because of all its dependancies.

This version's goal was to show if translating ssrpg (samurai spirits rpg) is possible or not. The answer is yes, it includes a built-in translator where you can type directly your translation. For this to work, you need this :
ssrpg_eng_0.2.zip : unzip this in your neoraine directory, it will create an override/ssrpg directory with a few files in it. Don't try to replace original ssrpg spr files with the ones in this zip file, it wouldn't work. Also the files in the override directory are loaded instead of any file named like this for the current game. Which means that if any other game happens to use a file named like one of the files contained in the override directory, it will use the override version. So be carefull if you load something different from ssrpg with this override directory here, it's probably better to rename or delete it first. The zip also contains savedata/ssrpg.map which tells it which sprites are currently being used for the translation.

And you also need to change the ipl.txt file for ssrpg. For this I suggest puting all the ssrpg files in a zip file, and changing the ipl.txt from the zip file, it's the easiest way, and it allows to still have audio tracks in mp3 format. Anyway, either edit your ipl.txt file by hand, and add this line at the end :

or get the modified ipl.txt file from this link.
With this you'll have a translated game logo in the game main menu, and 3 translated screens only in the game (it's just a proof of concept for now, I need help from someone who can actually read these japenese texts to finish it). The translations are for :
- yellow haired guy - presentation
- green haired girl - chapter selection
- blue haired guy, during his talk with his master (1 screen only)
All this is released in the hope that it will motivate someone to finish this one day, at least the tools to do it are now available.
Current version : 1.1.7. Changes.
neoraine 1.1.7, win32 binary

Old 1.0.x version :
neoraine 1.0.6, win32 binary package

The source is included in the source for raine >= 0.50.6, use makefile.neocd to build neoraine. You'll need all the raine required libs + SDL_sound.
Notice : if you want flac support in SDL_sound, you'll need the latest svn version of SDL_sound, the devs seem to think official releases are not very usefull ! Even in debian, the latest package of SDL_sound doesn't support FLAC as I write this (march 2008).
And if you want to build this in windows, well, I am still looking for a way to build a dll for FLAC and SDL_sound, so if you find one, tell me !
Compiling neoraine-1.0.6 and before is easier because it uses SDL_mixer instead of SDL_sound, and there are binary packages available for windows.
The debian package is available from the one used for the raine package.

Extras for neoraine :

pbeditcd : a level editor for the neocd version of puzzle pubble by Stephh ! It's a command line editor, you need a text editor to edit the levels, doc included, and you can ask questions on the forum !

Memory cards : put these in your savedata directory to use them...

Samurai Spirits RPG : ssrpg with all the best equipement, max levels, etc... to see what the end of the game looks like without spending too much time on it ! There is a readme inside with all the details + credits in english.
mslug.bin : memory card for mslug with level selection until level 6 (made by Stephh too !).
mslug2.bin : memory card for metal slug 2 with level selection until level 6 (made by Stephh too !)

From ReyVGM of the rainemu forum :
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special saved before the Krauser fight
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special saved before the Geese secret fight : this one is a bonus fight, you'll see the ending sequence even if you loose this fight.
Art of Fighting 3 with all extras unlocked.

Why a neocd emulator using the raine engine ?

  1. A few years ago, I worked on neocdpsp, a neocd emulator for the psp. And after a while I wanted to run this in linux, and by the way finish the emulation which was never completely finished at that time...
  2. There is no decent neocd emulator for linux (and don't tell me to run it in wine !)
  3. Neocd is about running some of the best neogeo games, with cd-quality music. I noticed last summer that a few neogeo games were running very badly on a 1 Ghz computer pluged to a tv, so it could be interesting to have a fast one for a change...


The emulator had to support the format supported by the psp for the games, that is a zip for the game files, and some mp3s for the music. Neoraine also supports a few other formats listed further in this doc, but if you try to use an original neocd cd, it will run the game without music ! That's because I don't support cd music, mainly because I have no easy way to play an audio cd in linux with sdl and hear something (the cdrom drive has no cable to the sound card), and there is no way to play it digitaly. So you'll have to rip the cd in this case, more about this later.

The emulation is fast, but it doesn't try to emulate the raster effects. As a result, "riding hero" is unplayable because they simulate 3d effects using raster interrupts in this game. There might be a way to emulate this without slowing down too much, but sorry I don't have the motivation for this now (and ridhero is not a very good game anyway, which doesn't help the motivation at all !). This is the only known neocd game which can't be played.
By the way there a few improvements compared to the neocdpsp version, and savegames are supported for most games (not all of them, but they are not really necessary because of the memory card, savegames are usefull for debuging mostly).

Differences with raine

I made a separate executable, and a separate makefile (makefile.neocd), but finally there are very little differences :

  • There is no game list. When you try to load a game, you just browse files, and select a file to load, there are no known crcs to be checked
  • In "Sound options" you can choose music volume and sfx volume now. It's because depending on the game, music can be too low or too loud so it can be usefull to make adjustements. Notice that if you put these 2 to 10 (maximum), you will probably get some distortion...
  • There are also some neocd specific functions like a special capture mode for sprites, which was used first to try to translate ssrpg, but can be used to rip sprites too.
    That's all ! At the begining there were no cheats and no hiscores but finally I noticed that a few neogeo cheats/hiscores work also for the neocd version. Not all of them are working, but quite a few do. The neocd cheat file is named "neocheats.cfg" instead of "cheats.cfg" to allow to have raine and neoraine in the same directory, but they have the same format. For now neocheats.cfg is just a direct conversion of what Stephh had for neogeo.
    Neoraine now also knows about scripts, which are elaborate cheats most of the time. It's used for mslug, ironclad, kof97 and ssrpg for now.

    Formats supported for the games

    The games are all in cd format, so neoraine accepts one of these :
  • If you have copied the cd files somewhere, there is an ipl.txt in these files, so neoraine accepts the ipl.txt file directly, this is the most basic format (direct file access).
  • You can also zip the contents of the cd, and pass the zip file to neoraine. The zip file must contain an ipl.txt file in its root directory to be accepted.
  • Cds in a ripped form will have a cue file, an iso/bin file, and some wav or mp3 files for the audio. So the cue file is supported. Also cue/bin which include audio tracks in the bin file are supported.
  • For the audio files they can be in mp3, ogg, or wav files for the hysterics of the "accurate" audio ! I recommend mp3 for the tracks. So basically you should have 1 directory / game, with game files + audio files in this directory. Then when you load a game, you browse to this directory and pass the required file (zip or cue usually).
    For compatibility with neocdpsp, audio files can also be placed in a neocd.mp3 directory in the game directory. So for example you would have :
    Directory: Metal Slug
    |- mslug.zip or mslug.cue
     |+ track01.mp3

    If you don't use a cue file with the exact file names of the audio tracks in it, then you must have the track number on 2 digits in the filenames. So track1.mp3 won't be accepted, but "Metal Slug - 01 - Opening.mp3" will be accepted. If you use a cue file then audio filenames can have any format.

    Notice that you can run a game from the command line if you want to by passing the main file (zip, cue or ipl.txt) on the command line.


    You'll need neocd.bin, which is the neocd bios. I can't put it in the neoraine package, but it's quite easy to find on internet. Put either neocd.bin directly in the raine directory (/usr/share/games/raine for unix versions), or neocd.zip if you prefer (the file must be named neocd.bin in the zip file in this case and the crc isn't checked).
    Notice that the unix version uses the raine data directory. It's because most of the data files are shared between the 2 of course. For now the debian package of neoraine requires that raine is installed for its data files. I didn't want to make a separate data package just for that... maybe later.

    Memory card

    The neocd console had a memory card to save progress in the games. In neoraine, there is 1 memory card / game, saved in savedata/[game name].bin. When you get a message telling you that your memory card is not formated and asking you to press button A to format it, just press button 1. It's something to do the 1st time you use a new game. After this your memory card will be automatically reloaded everytime you load the game, and usually it allows you to restart at the level you reached last time. You get a very nice level selector in metal slug when you have this...


    List of games. There are also a few reviews, and some FAQs
    Wikipedia page about neocd
    French site about neocd. The interesting point is that there is a section about non official neocd games...


    Thanks go for this version to : the neocdpsp community, for the motivation at that time, Yoyo for the original neocdpsp version 0.5, Stephh for his very good beta testing job.
    I am not very good at writing docs, so I might have forgoten a few things, oh well, we'll see...

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