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Here are some tools / docs that I found usefull to work with the cpus emulated in raine. The m68kdis disassembler is now called directly by the console to handle 68000 code, maybe some other tools listed here would be usefull for some people...


  • Docs
    68000ref.doc quick listing of instructions, with flags affected
    Motorola 68000 programmer's reference manual
  • Disassemblers
    IRApc : disassembler found by Antiriad, comes from the amiga apparently. Includes a doc, can be compiled in linux.
    m68kdis : where it comes from, original source, modified source for the console (so the output looks more like a debuger !), and finally an old exe for those who can't compile it in windows (put this in the raine/neoraine directory to use it automatically from the console). Includes a man page, particularly clever at guessing the type of data it is processing, probably the best 68000 disassembler available (at least for pcs !). The modified source output is used directly in the console of raine.
    There is a debian package hosted here too for this.
    Jul 2014 : finally fixed the immediate arguments to be in hex if > 9 and bsr/jsr outside the range asked by the debuger are properly handled now.




This one is a little particular, because even though I took the time to grab the docs and tools related to this cpu, I never actually used them !!! Anyway it might be usefull one day...