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Zzap!Raine is dedicated to Zzap!64, its staff and to all the people who contributed the magazine making. Our goal is to continue their work, or well... at least we're trying to!
Logo, first cover, first editorial and Rockford used for information purposes.

Arcade Games
All trademarks appearing on this site property of their respective owners.
All images appearing on this site copyright of their respective owners.
All information and pictures appearing on the site used for documentation and information purposes only.

Most icons taken from MaMu_'s icons and adapted to Zzap!Raine; other icons designed by Liliana, MADrigal and Zaxxon1.

Arcade games Info
Technical information appearing in the "Games Infos" section taken from KLOV (The Killer List Of Videogames) and MAME.DK.


Zzap!-related sites
Zzap!64 on-line The official site
Gordon Houghton's Zzap!64 pages Great site about Zzap!64 and lots more
Progetto Zzap! Italia A great site dedicated to Zzap! (by DarkJ)
Other sites
Bubble Bobble H.Q. Anything you want to know about the bubbleful videogame
Emulation Status Docs and hardware info for few arcade games (by Warlock)
K.L.O.V. The Killer List Of Videogames
Lee Bolton's Peek n Poke Your non-stop look at the world of retro-computers
Mame.dk Arcade ROMs and information repository
MAMu_'s MAMu_'s MAME icons
Nintendo Zone Italian site about Nintendo consoles (by MADrigal)
Retro-Active Reviews Find here new reviews of your fav old games! (by MOZ)
SLAY Radio The internet radio network broadcasting Commodore 64 remixes
The Ultimate Patchers' Site Cheats, fixes and much more (by Stephh).

Special Thanks
To the whole Raine Team, especially Antiriad (Richard Bush), main coder since the very beginning.
To MAMu_'s, for his icons.
To Rockford from Zzap!64

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