Pang! 3
Manufacturer: Mitchell
Year: 1995

hey Mr. Van Gogh, pay attention to the dogs!

As we press the Start button we select the difficulty level among beginner (10 rounds of practice), normal and panic (for experts only). Second choise: the main character. Four are available, each having their own peculiarities: DonTacos carries double harpoon; PinkLeopard can't be affected by dynamite, ice and enemies. CapitainHog carries a power wire; ShielaTheThief can shoot at 45 angles.

Game concept is quite simple: using our weapons (at first an hook which can be shot vertically) we'll have to destroy all the balls which bounce around the screen - we'll loose a life by being hit by a balloon.
As we hit a huge ball, it splits into two smaller ones. Smaller balls bounce lower than when they were bigger, causing much confusion around the game screen. Smallest balls won't be divided if hit: they'll simply explode. Each ball is worth 100 to 3200 points.

Michelangelo's David'? ...wasn't it an Italian restaurant?
a mexican dance below Botticelli's Venere?

While shooting balls we can go hunting for a lot of bonus items; some giving extra points, others affect the gameplay itself (examples: time stop, increase available time, change weapon, bomb balloons destroying everything in their explosion range). There are also useful yellow balloons make all balls explode, making the round clear. Dynamite makes all large balloons explode and split into the smallest ones - causing a great chaos!
Many bonuses are hidden inside of bricks and platforms, which must be hit to release them. Not all platforms and bricks can be destroyed though!

Want more chaos? OK, what about animals and helicopters around the screen? Each disturbs us in their own manner: for example the dog bites our character's pants, slowing down his movements! Each enemy can be hurt by any weapon brought by our hero.
Let's talk about difficulty levels.
Beginner: simplified version of the Normal level and it is composed of ten rounds, each having a brief animated introduction.

hola Senior Tut

Normal: we'll have to win a collection of paintings, getting them as you clear rounds; one painting per each three rounds; each round having a certain time limit. We can win a bonus life by getting a heart marked "1UP" or reaching a certain score.
Panic: here's no time limit at all, but ballonns will appear with no rest, falling down from the top of the screen; there are no platforms at all: just our hero and a lot of balloons! Sometimes yellow and bomb balloons appear... but then again normal ones begin falling down again and again...


The Bonze's comment
StephhIn my opinion the ORIGINAL "Pang" was the most interesting of all: graphics were better and there were more hidden items to find in the "Tour" mode ... The "Panic" mode (in which there are 99 levels "only") is less attractive (unless you can play for free in an emu)...


Nice and various game options.

Good overall, with very
nice 3D-rendered sprites.

SOUND: 59%
Definitelly flat though decent.

Originality is not a peculiarity
of this arcade game.

The renewed graphics is the only
thing which might make this
game hookable...

...but you'll soon get bored
with that too.

Boring. New graphics and options
aren't enough to make an old game
concept more hookable.

Zaxxon1Pang! 3 is certainly the worst of the whole game series. Mitchell tried to innovate the game (character and mode select) but didn't success.
Nice graphics indeed, exhaustive sounds even though a little bit too "flat". It's quite strange for me to see such a simple game concept, even increased with a few useful innovations, is much less likely than his predecessors. The game is funny, but you'll get bored with it after playing a few games. It's also frustrating to die and restart a level when we're about to complete it!
This game doesn't fascinate players such as his predecessors did - except the "Panic Mode" which shows very attractive gameplay, even though it will become boring too after a while. Hookability will leave place to boredom and you won't play the game anymore.
If you enjoyed the previous versions, I suggest to avoid this one since you won't find anyting better.

MADrigalMost people would say "oh man! It's always the same game: additions are realy too few to make it interesting!" ...well I don't think so. It's hard to innovate Pang's gameplay. I personally like this 3rd chapter even though i don't think it's a must-try. I still prefer Super Pang, but I say that the renewed graphics and game modes are quite attractive. Try this one if you never played Super Pang: this will help you enjoy previous chapters more hehe!

Roy JonesHonestly, I'm a bit confused... I don't understand if I like this game or not. Well yes, great graphics (and mediocre sounds as usual) and cool innovations. It's nice to have four different characters each having their own weapon... but I don't understand why it doesn't hook me that much... Pang and Super Pang had some magic inside... such magic I didn't find in Pang! 3.

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