Bubble Memories
Manufacturer: Taito
Year: 1995

are you looking for this, Bubby?

Looks like there's always some kind of trouble in the Rainbow Islands... Once again a bored daemon decides to make a mess and as usual, Bubby and Bobby are the victims of his jokes. Do you remember Bub and Bob, stars in Bubble Bobble, who had to rescue their girlfriends? Well, Bubby and Bobby are their sons. Let's keep on speaking of this sort of soap-opera: at first this game shouldn't even see the light - a videogame named Parasol Stars should be the real sequel to Bubble Bobble, but unfortunately Taito just produced a few prototypes of that videogame, and at last they decided to only publish it as a home computer and console videogame (the Amiga versions is named "the Story of Rainbow Islands II", while PC Engine and NES versions are named "the Story of Bubble Bobble III", both three were released in 1991 and got enormous success). Let's leave this mystery to our sons...
I'm about to speak about the introduction, which you can read from the game itself:

"This archipelago is called the "Rainbow Islands". Here there is a tower used to monitor the island and protect everyone who lives from harm.
In that tower there live two inseparable brothers. The older brother, a slight and cheerful lad, is named Bubby. And the younger brother, named Bobby, is a shy and quiet boy who likes to read. Then one day something suddenly happens to disturb their peaceful and happy lives. That something was their being turned into dragons at the hands of a mysterious avil being. The same evil being that did this to them has also destroyed the magical Rainbow Potion elixir they need to return to human shape. The evil being, has sealed himself into the tower. Why is it that Bubby & Bobbly were transformed into the shape of dragons? And what was the true intent of the evil being that did this to them?

The way being left for the two who have been changed into bubble dragons is to go on a journey to the rainbow tower. When can they return to the figures of human being? Good Luck!"

here's the potion!
wow... the word EXTEND is complete!

Gameplay almost remained the same as the previous chapters of the series except for an innovation: we can now create huge bubbles to entrap more enemies or larger ones! This is very useful in case your dragon is encircled by enemies, or when they are attacking in lined formation. We can capture them all with a single shot.
There's even an useful tutorial, so if you never played Bubble Bobble and Bubble Symphony you'll discover how to play by reading all explanations. This appears after you insert coin - before starting the game itself. Here they are:

"With horns or fins, crash the bubbles! When keeping the bubble button pushed for a while, the fins become bright, and giant bubbles can be belched! Coop enemies in a giant bubble in a lump, and by crushing the giant bubble, more higher points can be scored!! It is possible to jump on bubbles! By defeating all enemies, a round can be cleared!"

After selecting the number of players (one or two simultaneously - the two-players mode is much more entertaining!) you have to choose the game mode:
- Story game: 80 rounds;
- Pratice game: 10 rounds only.

hick! hiik! I drank too much!
goodbye Swimming Queen Monsta!!

The latter is useful in case you need to get used to controllers and some situations you'll find in the Story game. It is composed of 10 rounds plus the final boss. Beat him and game ends. We'll receive a time bonus after clearing each round. As less tiem we need to complete it, as higher the bonus will be. An extra 60,000 points bonus score is added in case a new record is set.
In the Story mode we'll meet a boss at each 10 rounds, and we'll have to fight two bosses in a row when get to the final round!

Again we'll fight the usual cool enemies - each renewed by a more colourful look and animations, plus brand new enemies. Same thing about bonuses: magic shoes, candies and potions are still there though new bonuses and magical items add more variety.
Don't forget to collect all potions you find, or all your efforts done to reach the final boss won't be enough... and Bubby and Bobby won't come back to human shape anymore! 

damn! I lasted 70 rounds only





Absoultely perfect!

Brand new look for dragons,
making them even more funny.
Big sprites, great use of colours,
superb animations.

SOUND: 89%
It fits perfectly this kind
of videogame.

It's the third sequel, so it's wasn't
easy to innovate an obsolete
gameplay, but programmers
at Taito did a great job!

I can't resist playing
this videogame...

...and I can't stop playing it!

Anoter wonderful videogame
featuring our favourite dragons.
A masterpiece!

Zaxxon1This hird chapter is the best one among the whole series: it has the same playability of Bubble Bobble, and features great graphics and good sounds. The Practice mode is funny too and it adds fun, hookability and playability, taking them to highest levels: 80 + 10 rounds of pure fun are a real guarantee of success.
If you never played any videogame of the Bubble Bobble series, take a look at the presentation: it fully explains everything about the gameplay. I believe you won't stop playing it after you get started, and you'll be willing to find all hidden bonuses and beat the last boss. It is a hard job for sure, but that's very very hooking! So what are you waiting for? Go play it immediately and take care not to have any date for further days, since you'll probably forgot about them!

MADrigalI remember I suddenly loved this videogame as I first tried it on an old Raine release in which sound wasn't even emulated. I fancied that the tunes had to be wonderful, since it was the sequel to my best favourite videogame ever (Bubble Bobble). But then... as I tried it on Raine 0.35 (emulating sounds too) I have to say that I'm quite disappointed. Gameplay scores an A-Level for sure, but I can't avoid speaking about such horrible sound tunes... They are even worse than those kitsch background graphics: digitized pictures of elephants, butterflies, frogs... looks like we're in some sort of BBC Documentary! Apart from those sillinesses, I have to say that this videogame is really hooking: gameplay has been increased a lot - those big bubbles going around the screen do come from Parasol Stars for sure! Many bonuses and secrets will keep you playing it for long time but I strongly suggest you to invite some good friend at you's and play it in co-op with him: that's the only way to enjoy this videogame best!

Roy JonesTaito should stop making such... FANTASTIC videogames!!! That's incredible... I spent a whole morning playing it... This is another chapter of the beloved series featuring the funniest dragons of the world, and once again they're leaving their footprints. New "weapons" and enemies, cartoon-style graphics coming from the previous videogames, really nice animations... Presentation is a little bit too long and it even shos a "how-to-play" tutorial!!! If you never played any of the Bubble Bobble videogames (and I still didn't break any of your fingers eh?!) here we go with it after selecting the game mode. What else... one name, one guarantee for fun - all you have to do is playing it! Or you'll have to fight me!

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