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No more news on this page...
The forum and this page are now independant so it becomes hard to maintain news here, just follow them directly in the forum : http://www.1emulation.com/forums/forum/126-raine
Posted by Tux on 2015/9/24 13:23

A new home for raine !
The site is very different now. It is freely hosted by 1emulation.com, so thanks to them first.
The new url is http://raine.1emulation.com much easier than the old one, update your bookmarks !
I just ditched the old forum and decided to use the one from 1emulation.com instead. Since they have a similar anti spam feature as what I had installed, there shouldn't be much difference here. It means all the users need to re-create their account, different server, no data transfered there. I keep the same old account, Tux (I had chosen this one because I was in charge of just the linux version a very long time ago, now I keep it because I always had it for raine !). This means that all the old posts are gone, well I still have access to them anyway... For now I have not moved the ad, nor the donnation, nor the emufrance logo.
The games section is currently offline, so you'll get a 404 if you go here, it used a lot of horrible rewrite rules so I have not decided yet if I'll update this, keep the rules anyway, or just rewrite it totally differently, the 3rd option seems the best one but it will take a little time.

Except that I moved the git repository to github. You can still reach it using the git icon on the right. The good news is that there is an issue tracker there, so please try to report bugs using this one, and I'll try to follow it, but I don't promise to fix everything posted there, at least I'll reply.
Posted by Tux on 2015/7/10 9:23