Liquid Kids
Manufacturer: Taito
Year: 1990

Flaming Bunny

Liquid Kids is a platform game in "The Newzealand Story" style. It's possible to play in one or two players mode. Before finishing the game you have to pass trough seven stages: Stage 1: Woody Lake, Stage 2: Water Temple, Stage 3: Factory pipes, Stage 4: Pyramid, Stage 5: Great Tree, Stage 6: Sky Temple, Stage 7: Fire Devil's Palace. At the end of each stage, as usual, we have to destroy bosses which are: Flaming Bunny; Acid Bottle; Mechanical Monster; Riding Shaman; Giant Pine Cone; Hell Clown; Fire Demon; Fire Spirit; Fire Vortex.

The game's plot is in short this: The evil Fire Devil kidnaps all Hipopo's friends and his girlfriend, Tamasun! Now he has to rescue all his friends and Tamasun, with the help of the magic Waterball from the spirit of the Lake. Our hero has a pelican friend and shoots waterballs to freeze and hurt the enemies. If you take too much time in a round or a place, a "hurry up" message appears and a time-up monster comes out to catch you (It seems to be really close to another game, but there was Tiki Kiwi...).

secret door
what time is it?

You get points by killing enemies and by picking up bonuses, some of which are placed in fixed places and others need you to walk to a certain area to appear, and some appear if you kill many of your enemies in a row. If you kill up to 3 enemies in a row, you get a candy (below 1000 pts), for 4 the award is a 1000 pts candy, and for 5 or more you get other kind of bonuses. The bonuses that give only points have the shape of fruits, sweets, cakes, etc. The other ones are: Pistol: allow you to shoot more than 4 water balls on the screen, you can shoot continuously, but they'll get smaller and smaller... unless you get the... Pump: makes water balls "charging" faster, and they will never come out smaller than their standard size. Very useful if combined with the pistol. Bucket: increases the maximum water balls size.

Water Tap: gives you Pistol, Pump and Bucket together for a limited amount of time allowing you to shoot extra large water balls. Boot: if you have it you do not get carried away by water streams. Train: makes you move faster (this bonus is cumulative, and that means that the more you get it the faster you go). Pig Face: it only gives you 1000 pts, but it needs more of five enemies to appear. Single thunder: you' ll have a water sphere with a thunder in it that freezes all the enemies on the screen unless they are no-frost enemies.

Mechanical Monster
into the piramid...

Double thunder: a red sphere with two thunders in it, kills all enemies on the screen, except for a few kind. Power Pill: surrounds Hipopo with a flashing shield and makes him invincible for a while and if an enemy touches him it dies. Extra Life: gives one life. Oil Lamp: appears only in the secret round with the wooden swaying bird.
When you defeat the last boss the pelican will take Hipopo and his friend on his back and fly through the night to Woody Lake to meet Tamasun...
"THIS PEACE IS FOREVER..." appears, game is over.



Colorful and jolly.

In certain points is superlative.

SOUND: 75%
Music and effects suitable
with the game style.

It drew inspiration from "The
New Zealand Story"...

but definitely nicer.

Many levels to pass and
bosses to destroy.

Liquid Kids will make you insist to
go ahead to see what we'll meet
in the following level, with cute
characters and good quality

Zaxxon1Liquids Kids will certainly be appreciated by the fans of "The New Zealand Story" (indeed the game scheme reminds it a lot) and platform in general. Therefore we are in front of a good game with a well done graphics, good sound and appreciable playability. Personally I don't find it as involving as TNZS, but it's certainly to try...

LilianaJolly and cartoonish style graphics. It reminds immediately at the Tiki Kiwi story, very similar also in the plot. The waterballs remind me of Bubble Bobble, where the water stream carry away enemies and your hero. A part from "originality" is a nice game to play, it's quite involving, also because of the colorful and jolly aspect, together with sound.

Roy JonesAs usual presentation is a turn down of the game... a short introductory film and a quick demo... but it's known: at that (glorious) time there wasn't need to make spectacular films to attract crowds of people... on the other side the cartoon style graphics, turn up of Taito games, is really cute, for backgrounds and the wide variety of characters and enemies. It's the old story of the hero who has to rescue all his friends... but we'll never get fed up with it!!! Also because this time we have to daze the enemies by throwing them booby traps and give them the final blow. It's a pity that you can't play in 2 at the same time, certainly game would have earned in value... The shortness of schemes is often excessive: 50-60 seconds to get to the end aren't much and it's too easy in several occasions, it becomes a"lost of time" after a while...
Another negative aspect is the sound of the whistle in the music, at the beginning likable, but after some schemes irritating...
I advise you to try it, even if the negative aspects are not many, but all together ruin the longevity and hookability of the game, otherwise quite high... a real pity.

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