Raine Old Version History
v0.27e: "Irritiations" v0.27b: "Buggs/Defect" v0.27a: "Better release something, or it will never get done" v0.24a: "Bub and Bob are my heroes...." v0.23: "Sidewinder release" v0.22: "Chase HQ release" v0.20: "101 games release" v0.18: "Jaleco release; dedicated to AraCorn" v0.16a: "sound of Taito release" v0.14: "Liquid Islands release" v0.13: "Unlucky for some..." v0.12: "Bubble Memories release" v0.11a: "Shooting games release" v0.27ezel: "Irritiations"
Changes from Antiriad: - Added alternate archive names, for ezel and his mame sets (amhorse -> horshoes, ctribebl -> ctribeb, doubled3 -> ddragon3). v0.27beta: "Buggs/Defect"
Added the following playable game: -----------------------+-----------------+-------------+------------------------------- Game Name | Company/System | Dumper | Info -----------------------+-----------------+-------------+------------------------------- Mahou Daisakusen | Raizing | J-Rom | -----------------------+-----------------+-------------+------------------------------- Changes from Antiriad: - Added mahoudai. Fixed sound. - Increase music tempo in raizing games. - Fixed keypad input. - Fixed non-removed dsw problem when changing games. - Fixed %ebp trashing caused by gcc 2.95.2 (fixes several games). - Added [General] no_cpu_check to raine.cfg (disable check_cpu in about window). - Fixed pbobble2 missing sprites. - listdsw option (hi ne7). v0.27alpha: "Better release something, or it will never get done"
Added the following 16 playable games: -----------------------+-----------------+-------------+------------------------------- Game Name | Company/System | Dumper | Info -----------------------+-----------------+-------------+------------------------------- Darius (alternate) | Taito | Spain Dumps | an updated version Nastar Warrior | Taito | Spain Dumps | just a clone Gun Lock | Taito F3-System | araCORN | some gfx problems Grid Seeker | Taito F3-System | araCORN | some gfx problems Kuri Kinton (alternate)| Taito L-System | | an updated version Ghox | Toaplan | J-Rom | no sound (turbo protection) Exzisus | Taito | Noel Miruru | single screen version Snow Bros (japanese) | Toaplan | | just a clone Snow Bros (alt 2) | Toaplan | | just a clone Arkanoid 2 (japanese) | Taito | | just a clone Makai Densetsu | Jaleco | Noel Miruru | legend of makai (japanese) Solitary Fighter | Taito F2-System | Noel Miruru | Shippu Mahou Daisakusen| Raizing | J-Rom | Quiz sekai wa show by | Taito F2-System | Noel Miruru | Quiz Chikyu Bouei Gun | Taito F2-System | Noel Miruru | Football Champ | Taito F2-System | araCORN | Euro Champ 92 | Taito F2-System | araCORN | -----------------------+-----------------+-------------+------------------------------- Changes from Antiriad: - Fixed memory trashing bug in layer toggle (caused crashes with f3 games). - Added an option to save individual game display settings, but I don't like it (use save_game_screen_settings in raine.cfg). - Added board numbers to all the games I have info for. - Added cloneof information, for the rom merge tools that use it. - Replaced roms/ziprom paths, now there are 4 paths, which are used for *both* roms and ziproms (instead of 3 for zipped, 3 for unzipped). - Changed screenshot names. Now they are gamename_nnn.pcx. Yes, they are 'long' file names, if this is a problem (in real dos), see below... - Added long_file_names switch in raine.cfg (disable for shrtflnm screenshots). - Added rotation and flipping support in about 40% of games. - Rotation options on command line/config file: -rotate n -no_rotate -flip n -no_flip (mame compatabilities: -rol -ror -flipx -flipy). - Finally added zooming sprites in Ninja Kids, Growl (should of done it ages ago when I did the other games...). - Now compiled with gcc 2.95.2 and allegro3927. Merged Sidewinder alt into a single driver. Rom Changes: - tatsujn2: tsj2rom2.bin is cut from 512kb to 256kb. - Renamed Legend of Makaj -> Legend of Makai. v0.24a: "Bub and Bob are my heroes...."
Added the following 15 playable games: -----------------------+-----------------+----------+------------------------------- Game Name | Company/System | Dumper | Info -----------------------+-----------------+----------+------------------------------- 64th Street Japanese | Jaleco MS-1 | J-Rom | Balloon Brothers | Seta & Taito | | Bio Ship Paladin | UPL & Sammy | | sound cpu protected / custom? Bubble Bobble | Taito | | sound missing after gameover screen Cadash Japanese | Taito | Noel M. | Champion Wrestler | Taito L-System | araCORN | Darius 2 - Dual Screen | Taito | J-Rom | Extermination | Taito NZ-System | | Grand Cross Pinball | Excellent System| | Knuckle Bash | Toaplan | Jim H | sound cpu protected / z80 Mutant Night | UPL | | hidden game since 0.22 Palamedes | Taito L-System | | Quiz HQ | Taito F2-System | J-Rom | Quiz Torimonochou | Taito F2-System | J-Rom | Strahl | UPL & NMK | Metalman | sound cpu protected / custom? -----------------------+-----------------+----------+------------------------------- Changes from Hiroshi: - Updates to M6295/MSM5205 emulators. - Some updates to the other sound sources too. Changes from Spindizzy: - Static M68705 recompiler. - Bubble Bobble (hardware info from the mame driver by Chris Moore, Oliver White, Nicola Salmoria, Marco Cassili. Changes from Antiriad: - Added PSX pad driver for Playstation pads via LPT1/2/3. - Added a couple more Combatribes dsw (thx mayuga). - Various code changes, so it compiles with msvc5.0/direct-x via allegro392x wip. - Coin Inputs are now only active for 250ms when you press them. This fixes the 'Coin Error' problems in Taito games (caused by holding the coin buttons down). - Fixed Puchi Carat running too fast. - Added Trackball control to Arkanoid Returns and Puchi Carat. Enter the test mode to enable it (or delete the eeprom images in savedata). - In no gui mode, the tab key will reactivate the gui (req. by Bubble ). - Replaced some sample backback with streamed channels (better sync in a couple of games). - Added LED emulation to Tatsujin 2, Snow Bros 2, Whoopee, Knuckle Bash. - Added -gameinfo option, prints info for games in a shark and mame syntax especially for frontend authors. - Improved key names a bit (eg. 'minus' becomes '-', 'stop' becomes '.'). - Added new control defaults for pinball games (incase some more get dumped) - Made an M6585 emulator needed by Grand Cross Pinball. - Added year info to all the games. - Added the 320x240 arcade monitor mode from brian lewis... It should work fine. - Changed the screen selector, so that the list of resolutions changes depending on what gfx driver is highlighted. For example, it only shows 320x200 for VGA, only shows possible resolutions for mode-x, only shows 320x240 for arcade monitor... Now it is easy to see which resolutions are possible for each driver :). - Added Object and BG double buffer to tnzs-system. Now the sprites move a lot better in Insector X and Extermination. - Cheat info lines can be edited in the gui like the other cheat data. - Moved [General] -> LanguageFile is now [Directories] -> language_file. - Added [Directories] -> cheat_file. - Renamed tripple_buffer -> triple_buffer (oops). - Added Cheat patch type, read the info in cheats.cfg. - Changed screen setup, so the size can be dumped. - Fixed screen size in Darius, Ninja Warriors. - Added led emulation to Darius, Warrior Blade. - Cadash cutting music should be fixed. - Added better support for rom sharing/merging, so more mame sets should work. - If a rom is not found, it will search for it in the parent game, and if a rom is not found in the parent game, it will check the parent game to see if the rom is merged with a different filename (by searching for matching crc32 and size data). - Improved some bits of chase hq. - Added starscream 0.26a. Seems to work, but I feel the new interrupt system might break some games... Didn't find any yet though. - Fixed snow bros 2 and tatsujin 2 stalling with no sound selected. v0.23: "Sidewinder release"
Changes from Antiriad: - Added support for 12 buttons on each joystick. - Added new default joystick settings: button 9 = player start (this button is the 'start' button on a sidewinder) button 10 = player coin slot (this button is the 'mode' button on a sidewinder) It's great, now I can play on raine without leaning over the keyboard =). - Fixed sidewinder in allegro (added a second copy of the code as 'sidewinder b'). From what I can tell, the 'sidewinder b' should function the same as the system16 driver... - BIG THANKS to Paul G. for the sidewinder gamepad :). - Added Player 3 and 4 Controls in Snow Bros 2, Hit the Ice. - Fixed Taito Tetris romlist (2 of the listed roms were unused). - Fixed tripple buffer interfering with frame skip radio buttons in gui. - Fixed most sprite sync in Tatsujin 2. - Fixed most priorities in Master of Weapons, Ashura Blaster. - FG0 banking in B-System (eg. screen clear in Rambo 3, FBI logo in Violence Fight), - Updated translation template.cfg (oops, forgot). - Changed Frame Skip option in gui. - Replaced Tripple Buffer scroll routines, so they (should) work with vbe/af. - Added Combatribes player 3 controls and dsw to activate them (thx mayuga). - Changed TNZS guide url in cheats.txt (thx chris). Non Changes: - We didn't publically add any new games since 0.22. - We didn't make any modifications to the Chase HQ emulation. v0.22: "Chase HQ release"
Added 11 playable games: -----------------------+-----------------+----------+------------------------------- Game Name | Company/System | Dumper | Info -----------------------+-----------------+----------+------------------------------- Bomb Jack Twin | NMK (c)NMK | Metalman | Thunder Dragon | NMK (c)Tecmo | nnap | no sound yet (protected) Thunder Dragon Bootleg | -- | dump.it | title screens are hacked out Omega Fighter | UPL | ? | Atomic Robokid | UPL | ? | hidden in 0.20 Puzznic | Taito L-System | VSA | hidden in 0.20 Insector X | Taito TNZS-Sys | araCORN | delayed from 0.20 Silent Dragon | Taito B-System | araCORN | occasional trash on end level Pop'n Pop | Taito F3-System | MetalMan | Chase HQ | Taito Z-System | ara/Jim? | preliminary ;) Chase HQ Japanese | Taito Z-System | malcor | preliminary ;) -----------------------+-----------------+----------+------------------------------- Changes from Hiromitsu Shioya: - Updated all sound emulators, updated sound playback system. - Fixed Darius object - bg1 priority. Changes from Antiriad: - Fixed Maze of Flott FG0 scroll typo (maybe fixes some other games too). - Fixed Arkanoid 2 buttons and reset bug on nzs-system games. - Fixed Insector X level 2 bug, renamed to insectx because of mame (was insectrx). - Added a pixel double option in raine.cfg (for NaMcO's dodgy monitor). - Added some alternate search modes (see docs). - Converted about 15 games to slightly slower colour mapping/tile drawing, now no games need vsync to be enabled, and the vsync autodetect option is gone. - Removed any listed resolutions where Y < 200. You can still select these from raine.cfg, but they aren't much use, so they are undocumented. - Made palette code keep colours locked for 3 frames instead of 2, I think this is necessary for tripple buffer on some slow gfx cards? - Keys now move around the load game list (eg. 's' to jump to saint dragon). - Fixed Toki continue dsw. - Type raine -romcheck to check all games, and raine -romcheck to check a single game (output is in romcheck.txt). - Added mame tripple buffer scroll routine, which is a hack of allegro's vesa_scroll, it does not behave well with all gfx modes (vesa3 is good vbe/af is not always good). - Added Sega ISA joystick driver. Does it work? Nobody knows... - Added memory hex view window when you double click on cheat search results. - Changed M6295 interface, since Bomb Jack Twin has many rom banks. - Added crc32 and file size info for all roms (too many req's). - Added multiple rom directory names, also with long file names :). - Expanded Load Error messages, they are in a scrollable text box now. - 100% decoded Bomb Jack Twin gfx roms. - Game list mode is saved in raine.cfg (requested by some ppl). - Added fast_set_pal in raine.cfg. 1 = Use faster colour loading (raine 0.20). 0 = Use slower colour loading (raine 0.18; compatible with more cards). Default is 1. - Added Autofire setup in gui. Try using a test mode (eg. mega blast) to test it out :). Autofire settings are not saved, should they be? - Gui font is proportional, except in listboxes, where it makes sense to be non-prop. - Scanlines are now black in Rainbow Islands. - Fixed Cheat engine for Z80 games. Tested with TNZS, Raimais, Fighting Hawk. - Impossible Joystick positions are now prevented. So, you can press up or down, but you cannot press up and down simultaneously, etc... Fixes some bugs, like on Ninja Warriors, pressing left, right and up all together caused bad stuff to happen to the main player. - Added default joys and a default joys editor, works like the keyboard stuff. - Added led emulation to Darius 2 and Ninja Warriors. - Fixed wrong joystick buttons for player 2 in space gun and op thunder. - Added default keys and a default keys editor. Changed all game drivers. - Fixed Dinorex lockups, caused by bad programming in the rom, leaving trash in some bits of the address registers. - Made Action Replay cheat names max 256 chars. - Added file selector option when setting zip/rom dirs. - Added some game info window, with some company logos. - Added button 3 in Violence Fight, 6 buttons in Kaiser Knuckle. - Added some dsw from Thomas Pitt... - Fixed Load Game when the game list selection is empty and you click load game. - Fixed Snow Bros 2 missing sound. v0.20: "101 games release"
Added 18 playable games: -----------------------+-----------------+----------+------------------------------- Game Name | Company/System | Dumper | Info -----------------------+-----------------+----------+------------------------------- Arkanoid 2 | Taito 'NZS-Sys' | ? | Arkanoid 2 American | Taito 'NZS-Sys' | ? | New Zealand Story | Taito 'NZS-Sys' | ? | New Zealand Story Extra| Taito 'NZS-Sys' | ? | Kaiser Knuckle | Taito F3-System | araCORN | Violence Fight | Taito B-System | araCORN | Don Doko Don | Taito F2-System | J-Rom | Hit the Ice | Taito B-System | araCORN | Rambo 3 | Taito B-System | araCORN | Raimais | Taito L-System | araCORN | Fighting Hawk | Taito L-System | Vixen | Ashura Blaster | Taito B-System | Vixen | Earth Joker | Taito | araCORN | Galmedes | Taito | Vixen | Space Invaders 95 | Taito F3-System | Metalman | Majestic 12 | Taito F2-System | Vixen | enhancements to ssi91 -----------------------+-----------------+----------+------------------------------- Note: Insector X had to be removed because we found a last minute bug, so it will be included on another Raine release. - Added a vsync autodetect option, which will only vsync when a game uses a direct mapper and the palette is really changed. - Busy mouse sprite, from _iceball_. - Added a better savegame format. Loading of the old format is fully supported. - Made some visual improvements to the gui and made active window draggable, added game count information to game select window. - Zooming in H-System games and sprite fixes. - Fixed a sprite chain problem in WWF Superstars. - Added sound pause for hardware ym3812 emulation (thx cgfm for adlib info). - Zooming in B-System games and sprite fixes. - Fixed several memory leaks, with some nice debugging routines from Mirko Buffoni :). - Zooming in F2-System games and sprite fixes. - Sprite Zooming in F3-System games and fixes. - Fixed a bug when expanding directory names to full path. - Changed to Allegro 3.11 (joystick bug fixes, and a new joystick supported: Wingman Warrior). - Improved the 'mapped' colour mappers so they look always correct without vsync. - Added Legend of Makaj dipswitches from Udirnel. - Added cheats.txt: secrets and cheat modes for the supported games. - YM3812 frequency is now supported for hardware emulation. Thanks to Carl/DSC and JH. - Added keyboard leds for most taito games. - Removed debug numbers from Mega Blast screen (oops). - Fixed Cybattler and 64th Street missing sound (oops). - Fixed background gfx in Rodland 'secret' levels. - Changed the way bankswitching is handled in Z80 emulation for extra speed. - Changed MZ80 memory interface to be more like Starscream's. - Lots of gfx emulation merged (no speed loss, and in most cases a speed increase and improved accuracy). - Action Replay search added to gui. - rdtsc timer, more accurate timing, no more dropping to 59fps in Win9x-dosbox :). - Lots of small game fixes, changes, and other stuff. - Sound added on Toki Changes from Hiromitsu Shioya: - M6295 improvements. - Multiple MSM5205 support. Changes from others: - Taito Board List much improved by Vixen. - Additional Nichibutsu sound frequency fixes by Jim Hernandez. v0.18: "Jaleco release; dedicated to AraCorn"
Added 26 playable games: -----------------------+-----------------+----------+------------------------------- Game Name | Company/System | Dumper | Info -----------------------+-----------------+----------+------------------------------- 64th Street | Jaleco MS1-C | araCORN | Astyanax | Jaleco MS1 | | Asuka and Asuka | Taito | araCORN | Avenging Spirit | Jaleco MS1-B | araCORN | Bubble Symphony | Taito F3-System | Metalman | Cadash Italian | Taito | Any | Camel Try | Taito F2-System | J-Rom | Combatribes | Technos | NAZ! | Bootleg Cybattler | Jaleco MS1-C | araCORN | Earth Defence Force | Jaleco MS1-B | araCORN | Hachoo | Jaleco MS1 | araCORN | Legend of Makaj | Jaleco | araCORN | Maze of Flott | Taito | | P-47 American | Jaleco MS1 | | P-47 Japanese | Jaleco MS1 | | Phantasm | Jaleco MS1 | J-Rom | Pipi and Bibi's | Ryouta Kikaku | dump.it | Bootleg Plotting | Taito Z80 | dump.it | Driver by Richard Mitton / Tnzs emu Plus Alpha | Jaleco MS1 | J-Rom | Puchi Carat | Taito F3-System | Metalman | Puzzle Bobble 2x | Taito F3-System | Metalman | Rodland English | Jaleco MS1 | araCORN | Saint Dragon | Jaleco MS1 | J-Rom | Snow Bros 2 | Toaplan | | Hardware info from Carl-Henrik and ... Tatsujin 2 / Truxton 2 | Toaplan | | ... Magnus / Dead Serious Clan Whoopee | Toaplan | J-Rom | Requires Pipi & Bibis gfx roms -----------------------+-----------------+----------+------------------------------- - Zip support is now internal (using zLib/miniunzip source). - YM2151 engine optimized a bit (apx 10% faster). - YM2610 engine optimized a bit (apx 30% faster). - The 256x240 mode-x mode is now stretched to full screen. Thanks to Dark Force and FanWen for the code. Thanks to Interceptor for suggesting it. - Added 12 new vesa modes: 640x100/120/150/160/200/240 800x150/200/300 1024x192/256/384. Some useful modes for 2/3 Screen games! Thanks to Dark Force. - Changed adpcm sound emulation to be more accurate in Technos games and Zero Zone. - Deprotected Jaleco 68k roms. Hopefully 100%. - Added Darius Dipswitches. Thanks to mutewitness. - Fixed sprite banking in Growl/Ninja Kids, thanks to Brad Oliver. - Added Starscream 0.25 (faster). Thanks as always to Neill Corlett. - Doubled music speed in Terra Force and Armed Formation. Thanks to Jim Hernandez for the info. - Compiled with new Seal 1.06 and Allegro 3.1. This should fix some joystick problems, also the SnesPad support has changed, because allegro supports SnesPads now. - Changed joystick and screen mode values in config file/command line, this is due to syntax changes in allegro 3.1. - Some hacks to improve the sprites in Rainbow Islands Extra. The C-Chip data is different to Jumping Islands and Rainbow Islands Original... - Lots of internal code changes/improvements. This caused a lot of retesting, and it was unreleasable over xmas... - Added fixed sound rom for Thunder Fox (if you want sound, a new rom is required). - Added fixed sample roms for Final Blow (if you want sound, 2 new roms are required). - Added software YM3812 emulator, provided by Carl-Henrik Skaarstedt/DSC! - Added sample rate and YM3812 switches in gui. - Added faster code to draw ingame messages. - Added quick rtdsc profiler, press ingame F11 to switch to it. - Added YM2610 in Space Gun. - Added Translation file support for 90% of the text in raine. - Added support for more than 2 dipswitch banks (eg. Toaplan games have 3 dsw banks). - Added Eagle 0.41, thx Dirk. - Fix for Rainbow Islands sometimes dropping music. - Added more game cheats from JCK/The Ultimate Patchers (cheats from mame). - YM2151 sound in WrestleFest, WWF SuperStars, Double Dragon 3. - Added FG0 gfx and scrolling in Plotting. Changes from Hiromitsu Shioya: - Added much better M6295 emulator with sample bank switching support. - Added much better MSM5205 emulation for Darius. - Added new versions of fm.c source, ym2610 emulator is now merged in fm.c. - Switched YM2203 emulation to fm.c. - Improve sound streaming support. Added resync if it falls behind. - Fixed screen size for Darius 2 and Ninja Warriors. - Fixed colour port bug in 3 screen games. - Fixed sample rom mapping and z80 speed in most Taito ym2610 games. - Changed some Taito games from ym2610 - ym2610b (ym2610b has more fm channels). - Many fixes to Taito, Jaleco and Technos sound emulation. Changes from others: - Richard Mitton added emulation of Plotting. - Jim Hernandez improved sound frequency in Nichibutsu games. - Jim Hernandez improved sound frequency and volumes in Jaleco games. v0.16a: "sound of Taito release"
Added Following 16 playable games: ------------------+-----------------+---------+------------------------------- Game Name | Company/System | Dumper | Info ------------------+-----------------+---------+------------------------------- Arkanoid Returns | Taito F3-System | Metalman| Blood Bros | Tad Corp | dump.it | Cabal | Red Corp | dump.it | Crime City | Taito B-System | | Darius | Taito Dual68k | J-Rom | Uses 3 screens Darius Extra | Taito Dual68k | J-Rom | Req Darius roms to run Pulirula | Taito F2-System | araCORN | More araCORN games coming soon :) Rastan Saga | Taito | C.Hardy | Rastan Saga 2 | Taito B-System | J-Rom | Rodland | Jaleco | dump.it | Space Invaders DX | Taito B-System | malcor | Missing Pixel Layer Clear Syvalion | Taito H-System | J-Rom | Missing Sprite Zooming Taito Tetris | Taito B-System | J-Rom | Game Licensed from Sega Thunder Fox | Taito F1-System | | Missing line-line scroll Warrior Blade | Taito | J-Rom | Uses 2 screens (Rastan Saga 3) West Story | Datsu Alliance | dump.it | Bootleg of Blood Bros ------------------+-----------------+---------+------------------------------- - YM2610 sound in: Bonze Adventure, Crime City, Dinorex, Drift Out, Final Blow, Growl, Jigoku, Liquid Kids, Mega Blast, Ninja Kids, Ninja Warriors, Operation Thunderbolt, Pulirula, Rastan Saga 2, Space Invaders DX, Super Space Invaders 91, Superman, Syvalion, Taito Tetris, Warrior Blade. - YM2151 sound in: Cabal, Cadash, Operation Wolf, Operation Wolf Bootleg, Rastan, Rastan Saga, Rainbow Islands, Rainbow Islands Extra, Rodland (partial). - YM2203 sound in: Master of Weapons, Darius, Darius Extra. - YM3526/3812 sound and 8-bit samples in: Armed Formation, Terra Cresta, Terra Force. - ADPCM samples in: Cabal, Darius, Darius Extra, Rastan, Rastan Saga, Operation Wolf, Operation Wolf Bootleg. - DriftOut rotation layer optimized with fast code from Cedrick Collomb - Toggle All/Available/Missing roms in game selector - 6 rompaths now (3 for roms, 3 for ziproms), also configurable in gui - Improved sprites in Master of Weapons (now playable) - Fixed Terra Cresta sprite colours and added BG0 disable, thanks to Nicola Salmoria for information - Fixed Armed Formation BG0/1 colours and gfx and added layer disable bits - Added missing BG1 layer to Terra Force and layer disable bits - Pause option (P). When paused, scroll bigscreen games with arrow keys - Converted the UAE 68020 code to asm and optimized it a lot (it's not as fast as writing a 100% asm core from scratch, but it's much faster than before!) - Fixed Elevator Action 2, no more green colour under the main sprite. - Joystick and Sound Options in GUI v0.14: "Liquid Islands release"
Added Following 14 games: . Arabian Magic (F3-System; playable; dumped by araCORN) . Cleopatra's Fortune (F3-System; playable; dumped by J-Rom) . Darius 2 (Dual 68000; 3 screens; playable; dumped by J-Rom) . Darius Gaiden (F3-System; playable; dumped by J-Rom) . Dinorex (minor sprite glitch; playable; dumped by araCORN) . DriftOut (Zoomed+Rotated BG0; playable; dumped by araCORN) . Growl (minor sprite glitch; playable; dumped by araCORN) . Jigoku (Japanese Bonze Adventure; c-chip protection; mostly playable; dumped by J-Rom) . Jumping Islands (bootleg Rainbow Islands; c-chip hacked; playable; dumped by dump.it) . >>>>Liquid Kids<<<< (F2-System; playable; dumped by dump.it) . Superman (playable; dumped by Paul Swann) . Tecmo Knight (playable; dumped by dump.it) . Winter Bobble (bootleg Snow Bros; playable; dumped by dump.it) . WWF SuperStars (much requested; playable; dumped by dump.it) - Switched to MZ80 engine by Neil Bradley (much faster) - GUI colours and rom/ziprom/screenshot paths are now configurable in raine.cfg - Experimental soundfx in Terra Force, Armed Formation - Rainbow Islands (original) playable using Jumping Islands c-chip hacks - Rainbow Islands (extra) partially-playable using Jumping Islands c-chip hacks - Added Eagle 'smoothing engine' by Dirk Stevens - YM2203 music in Jumping Islands (need second YM2203 for sound fx) - ADPCM samples in WWF SuperStars - 10 SaveSlots per game, use F3 to switch slot - Started a simple 'Action Replay' type cheat system (no cheat finder yet) - Added more dipswitches and also a rom version modifier for Taito roms. Among other things, you can play Puzzle Bobble 2 and Twin Qix with all new gfx using the version modifier. - The 'brown' boxes are automatically disabled in Puzzle Bobble 2 and 3 now. - Average FPS option (F11 twice) - Defualt screenmode is mode-x now, because every other version of SDD seems to be buggy with Allegro! But you should switch to a vesa3/vbeaf mode if you can... v0.13: "Unlucky for some..."
v0.12: "Bubble Memories release"
Added Following 2 games: . >>>>Bubble Memories<<<< (F3-System; playable; dumped by araCORN) . Puzzle Bobble 3 (F3-System; playable; dumped by araCORN) - Optimized Sprites and fixed sprite flicker on F3-System games. - Partial idle 68020 skipping hacks for F3-System games. - Some more Dipswitches mapped/commented. - SnesPad (via LPT1) support (untested), thanks to Karl Stenerud for the code. - Mapped Foot Pedals on Space Gun. - Sound in Snow Bros (z80 hw info from Mike Coates). - Fixed WrestleFest sound bug in pure dos. v0.11a: "Shooting games release"
Added Following 8 games: . Space Gun (dumped by malcor; playable; Dual 68000) . Ninja Warriors (dumped by malcor; playable; Dual 68000) . Double Dragon 3 (dumped by Thierry Lescott; playable) . Operation Wolf (dumped by NAZ!; playable) . Operation Wolf bootleg (dumped by Thierry Lescott; bootleg; playable) . Elevator Action 2 (dumped by 'Metalman'; playable but messy) . Twin Qix (dumped by 'Metalman'; playable but messy) . Puzzle Bobble 2 (dumped by araCORN; playable but messy) - Much faster zooming routines (Operation Thunderbolt/Space Gun). - Idle 68000 skipping in virtually all games (gives speed increase). - Removed UAE 68000 engine (all 68000 games are Starscream'ed now). - Inserted UAE 68020 engine (Taito F3-System). - Inserted Marat Z80 engine (For Op Wolf bootleg c-chip, I'll use a faster one soon). - Early Sound (adpcm samples only) for WrestleFest, Double Dragon 3, Zero Zone. - Mouse support (Op Wolf, Op Thunderbolt, Space Gun). - Joystick support (hopefully it works...). - Dipswitch support for some games (early, but seems ok). - Simple Save/Load support (F2/F4), Toggle FPS (F11). - Auto frame skipping, scanlines hack, less ugly gui. - Compiled with Allegro WIP beta, this adds vesa3 and vbe/af drivers for screen selection. - Other various cleanups/optimizations not worth mentioning (all games faster) v0.10-v0.06: "Ancient versions..."